Summer in the Potomac Heights Garden-Week 3


Week 3. I can’t believe it is three weeks already! My favorite parts of this week included: spotting the first fruit on the peach tree! seeing flowers on the peanuts, trying the ripe raspberries gently warmed by the summer sun, eating strawberries and donating beets to local fairfax families. Sweet! The only downside has been the heat, which has been excessive this week; luckily I was able to catch a break from it and do some research on the plants we have growing. After reading so much about our plants, I just wanted to share it with everyone! So I’ve decided to add a special segment to these posts and do a little “plant-ography” for each of our wonderful organisms!

I will start this week with the plant I’m most excited about: PEANUTS!!


Virginia Peanuts are grown in plenty in Southern Virginia! I love good ole Va peanuts and was so excited to see them on the list of purchased seeds. I immediately set to researching. Peanuts grow above ground first with small oval leaves. After about a month, the small yellow flowers appear. They resemble the flowers of pea plants. After the flowers bloom, a small peg-like structure grows in its place and gravity pulls it underground. The fruit of the plant (the peanut shell) develops underground. After a couple of months, the above ground part of the plant will start to yellow, this is when they can be pulled up. The plant will have peanuts hanging from it that need to cure in order to be edible. Allow to dry out in the sun for a week or indoors for a couple of weeks. Then roast and enjoy!!

Some Photos from the Week:



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Greetings current or potential vegetable people! This site is devoted to the vegetable garden that exists at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. The aim of the site is to keep people like you updated on the garden happenings and to show progress to those who can't participate! Enjoy and happy vegetable eating :)

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  1. Amanda, you did such a great job with these photos! The entire page looks so professional. You are doing a great job taking care of the garden and I love your passion!

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