Summer 2012 Week 1


Afternoon all!

We have so many edibles popping up in the garden! A lot has happened since the end of the semester and its a pleasure to update you.  A special thanks to the Sustainability class’ volunteers. They have been working hard to make the garden into what it is.

So here’s the update: Our strawberry plants are very happy, they will be yielding fruit soon along with the beautiful blueberries! Our peach tree has been pruned and the peaches are really getting big! Garlic and onion plants are happy and receiving plenty of sunlight and moisture. We have a few monster-momma carrots as well as beautifully blossoming Amaranth. The dark red of the Amaranth is a wonderful and colorful new touch to the garden. The pea plants are starting to creep up the trellace we have made for it, hopefully they will produce delicious and sweet peas for us in a few weeks. The sweet potato and potato plants are producing lovely leaves and vines, although we did need to cover them because the deer began to eat the leaves. Looks like the loose soil that Doni Ward recommended we use is really working out well. The bok choy is doing wonderfully along with the leafy green lettuce that has been so happy with all this rain. The broccoli plants are still producing a little at a time. The rhubarb is getting huge and is beginning to change colors at the base of the stem. Our arugula is doing well and is ready to be harvested. The newly-transplanted sweet pepper plants are really taking a liking to the beds that we planted them in in. Paired next to the tomato plants, this section of the garden is going to make a lot of wonderful treats for the GMU community! Finally, we blanched the endives this week, the volunteers were a big help here and had a lot of patience completing this lengthy task! Our herb gardens are producing wonderfully, the mint, oregano, and sage were trimmed back because of how big they were getting. We have some chamomile drying in the barn which we will be making into tea-bags soon!  


Special thanks to everyone for all their hard work!


About gmugarden

Greetings current or potential vegetable people! This site is devoted to the vegetable garden that exists at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. The aim of the site is to keep people like you updated on the garden happenings and to show progress to those who can't participate! Enjoy and happy vegetable eating :)

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