Summer 2012 Week 10


Hello Everyone!

We have so many beautiful vegetables popping up in the garden. The watermelons are blossoming and we have sold some of these delights at George Mason’s Johnson Center last Monday, July 23rd. We had such a pleasant surprise with the GOGA President, Doni Ward stopping by and helping out in her busy summer! Underneath Doni is watering the Watermelon, Cucumber and Squash plants.Image

Here I am selling in the Johnson Center. We raised $20 for just one week’s produce. There, you can see our beautiful produce including Cucumbers, Green beans, Green Tomatoes perfect for frying, and of course our beeeaauuutiful Sweet Green peppers. We sold our 7 1/2 pound Sun & Moon Watermelon, it was hard to let that baby go after watching it grow for 10 weeks. I am sure it was enjoyed.Image

We just ordered some brand new seeds! This Fall we will have fresh harvests of Lima Bush Beans, Cosmic Purple Carrots, Beets, Fall Radishes,Savoy Cabbage, Wakefield Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and of course Cinderella Pumpkins for Halloween!


Below is our beautiful peach tree, freshly grown by our compost section. You’ll have to stop by to look at this young White Peach tree. It is simply delicious.


Look at our lovely tomatoes. They are finally getting the water they need and after some careful pruning they seem to be very strong and happy. These tomato plants were actually transplanted by Doni Ward in the beginning of the summer, and look at them now! Come check them out in the back bed next to the barn, the smell is wonderful!


Look at these Sweet Green Peppers! They are vegetable monsters! These sweet delights are great in a variety of dishes; come, hang out, and take one or two with you home for a new accent to your morning scrambled eggs. Food For Others, the organization that the Garden donates our food to, commented on how unique this food is, and how sweet it smells.


More beauties ripening!


Here is the Lemon Bergamot flowering. This herb has been harvested and is drying for delicious Tea Bags, soon to be sold in George Mason’s Johnson Center. Our herb garden, which includes Mint, Oregano, Sage, and Marigold, is drying a bit from the sun but is flowering to create a new season of plants! Coming soon: Rosemany and Lavender! Stay tuned on Facebook for updates on when we are selling in the Johnson Center, you won’t want to miss it!


A new leaf has sprouted! The Pak Choi is beginning in a new bed for the Fall. This delight is great for asian stir-fry dishes or a wonderful accent to your salad. Come hang with your friends, volunteer, and taste the delights that the Potomac Heights Garden has to offer you!



About gmugarden

Greetings current or potential vegetable people! This site is devoted to the vegetable garden that exists at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. The aim of the site is to keep people like you updated on the garden happenings and to show progress to those who can't participate! Enjoy and happy vegetable eating :)

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